Your "Personal Evolutionary Coaching" Playbook Will Arrive In Your Inbox In About Ten Mins. In The Meantime, Why Not Register For Our FREE Virtual Training And Learn From The Creators Of P.E.C Themselves? 

Your "Personal Evolutionary Coaching" Playbook Will Arrive In Your Inbox In About Ten Mins. In The Meantime, Why Not Register For Our FREE Virtual Training And Learn From The Creators Of P.E.C Themselves? 

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The problem with traditional life coaching & the groundbreaking solution 
If you’ve been looking into coaching, chances are you’ve come across the concept of life coaching more than anything. 

So much so, you could be led to believe it’s the route you should take.

Until you realise, as a concept, it’s innately flawed for both you as a coach and your potential future clients. 

Life Coaching was developed in the 1990s and is based on a conventional coaching model of ‘start with the end in mind.’

The problem? 

There’s a beginning and a middle that doesn’t just disappear!  

This old framework takes no account of the past.

It is 100% “goal-orientated,” and its tunnel vision approach simply aims to move a person from A to B and tick a box. 

On top of that, it also means, you as a coach, have an extremely limited arsenal for working on your own personal development and that of your clients. 

Every smart person knows that you can’t be a great coach to others without first successfully coaching yourself through your own struggles, conflicts, and obstacles. 

The traditional life coaching model doesn’t give you the scope or freedom to do that. 

You’re in a set box, with one skillset and one outcome for yourself and your clients. 

Which is fine if that’s the coach you want to be. 

But, if you’re a budding coach who wants to be part of total life transformations and truly helps people cope and thrive with the complexities of modern life… well as successfully doing it for yourself… 

Adopting the “traditional” life coaching method isn’t for you. 

It’s like using a Nokia 3310 to try and communicate today!  

You need the “iPhone” of approaches and the future of coaching…
Introducing Personal Evolutionary Coaching:
It has taken the Taylored Life Company over a decade of research and experience to develop this unique, life changing approach to coaching oneself and others. 

The approach blows traditional, rigid, inflexible “life coaching” out of the water. 
It has taken the Taylored Life Company over a decade of research and experience to develop this unique, life changing approach to coaching oneself and others. 

The approach blows traditional, rigid, inflexible “life coaching” out of the water. 

It empowers you, to empower yourself AND your future clients with any issues that arise in life, such as…

Achieving Specific Goals like getting rid of phobias or losing weight. 
Personal development like career advancement or gaining confidence. 
Life Challenges like relationship struggles or feeling unfulfilled. 

It means you can offer a holistic, results-driven, rewarding service for your future clients.

You can gain an amazing reputation as a coach. 

You’ll have people lining up outside of your door to have you coach them.

You’ll be improving the lives of others as well as your own with the huge increase in income, impact, and influence you’ll be experiencing. 

If that’s something you want, then you need to learn more about Personal Evolutionary coaching. 

What You’ll Learn During The Webinar:
During this webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to discover your true calling as a life coach or/and work on your own self-development using our expert tools and techniques. It’s time to give back and feel fulfilled doing it!
On the live virtual training, you will discover...
  • What Is Coaching
  • ​The History Of Coaching
  • ​The Truth About The Coaching Industry
  • ​The 3 Main Reasons People Seek Coaching
  • ​The 3 Building Blocks To Becoming A Successful Coach And Building A Prosperous Coaching Practice
  • ​The Essential Skills And Techniques Required By The Modern Coach
  • ​The Personal Evolutionary Coaching Approach And Philosophy
  • ​What’s Your Coaching Dream?
The Taylored Life Company has trained thousands of people world wide to live their best, wonderfully fulfilled lives & go on to do the same for others
"Enrolling on the Personal Evolutionary Coaching Programme was the best decision that I have ever made. As a new coach there were so many aspects that I was unfamiliar with, clueless to be realistic. The Taylored Life Company have been spectacular with their empowering expertise and continuous support without which I would have been lost. I love how they’ve designed the programme in such a way that you see your evolution as a coach and it all brings out the best in you."
 - Shirin Begum.
"I have now completed 3 three courses with Taylored Life. My experience training with the company has been excellent. The training provided has helped me to grow personally, expanded my knowledge and skills to create longer lasting results for coaching clients and I am now qualified to deliver NLP training. Mark and Nicky really care about your development and will support you to succeed. Highly recommended."
 - Azizia White.
"I am currently enrolled in the brand new and amazing personal evolutionary course. Mark and Nicky are so lovely and approachable, there to help whenever, they have created an amazing online community that is so supportive and the training is so much fun. There’s lots of information to take in but they make it so relatable. I would highly recommend them and i just know every penny spent is an investment into myself, my mind, my being and my future in so many ways. I have been through lots of things in the last year or so and have felt at my witt’s end but feel if I hadn’t done and failed at this I may not have found this amazing opportunity. I just know it will change my life for the best and fills me with so much happiness and excitement!

Thank you both and I look forward to working with you even beyond my graduation day!"
 - Tanya Janse Van Rensburg.
The live virtual training is an invitation to learn more about this unique approach & begin your coaching journey in the best way for yourself AND your future clients 
You want a change in your life - that’s clear. 

Maybe it’s an entire career change to become a coach? 
Maybe it’s to silence an internal battle you’re bored of fighting? 
Maybe it’s to run a business and have more control over your life? 
Maybe it’s to develop a new skillset to add to your current expertise? 
Maybe it’s to stop feeling like life is passing you by or that you’re stuck?  

What you definitely do not want is this brand new chapter of your life to get off to a bumpy start, or worse crash and burn. 

You want to experience all of the benefits that coaching brings: 
The ability to self-coach yourself over any obstacles you face.
Seeing your input  positively transform other people’s lives 
Control over the hours you work and the income you earn 
Having a successful business and a huge amount of respect
Attending the Live Virtual Training gives you a choice you may never knew you had but deserve to know you do. 
It gives you a chance to explore a different approach and route into coaching that thousands of people are choosing to take every single day. 

You are in control of your next steps into coaching. 

Don’t be shoehorned into something just because it’s considered the “conventional” way of doing things…

Chances are that’s exactly what happened to you up until now and exactly what’s eventually driven you to break the mould through coaching. 
Your Hosts: The Taylored Life Company:
The Personal Evolutionary Coaching approach has been developed over the past decade by the Taylored Life Company Co-founders, Mark and Nicky Taylor.

When co-founders and leaders of the team Mark and Nicky met, they quickly realized they shared a passion for making THE difference and helping people fulfil their potential.
In 2009, they decided that they wanted to take formal training together and set up a business.

Since then, they have:
  • Helped 1,000's of people across the world achieve their true potential through their Coaching and Training.    
  • ​​Delivered training in the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK and hosted the first-ever NLP Master Practitioner Training in Jamaica
  • ​Qualified at the highest level of NLP as NLP Master Trainers
  • ​​Qualified at the highest level of Hypnosis as Master Trainers of Hypnosis
  • ​​Become the only couple in the world to have qualified to both of these levels together with the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the American Board of Hypnosis. 
  • ​​Become the professional coach's choice of mentor and trainer
  • ​​Clocked up over 10 years of specialist experience and over 30 years of experience in the field of learning and development
They are now the leaders, figureheads, and creators of The Taylored Life Company and the trainers hosting this Live Virtual Training. 
Are you ready to take advantage of these brand new skills that could soon be yours?
Be prepared to acquire a whole new way of thinking that, unlike other traditional self-help techniques, is extremely powerful and long-lasting. Secure your seat whilst tickets last!
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